A&J Thai Fruit

We have produced aromatic coconuts since 1990, under the name “Rong-ngan Maprao Angmor” (Angmor Coconut Factory). Our business keeps growing well from that time. Then we formally established A & J Thai Fruit Co., Ltd., on the 10th of May 2006 at Damnoen Saduak District, Ratchaburi. Our production area is 17 rai (6.7 acre or 27,200 meter squares).

With experience of fresh coconut production for more than 25 years, we well understand and are expert in aromatic coconut business from planting, raw material collection, production, transportation to quality development. Our active team consists of more than 300 skilled members. We can produce more 100,000 coconuts a day and export to more than 20 countries worldwide.

Aromatic coconuts contain specialty that good for health. We then try to preserve its unique and wonderful taste for customers. We intend to take care the coconuts with understanding. They have to be fresh, safe and processed carefully in every production process to ensure that each of our coconuts is provided to consumers with full quality and benefits of the best aromatic coconuts.

Quality Product, Safety, International Standard, Friendly to Consumers



At A & J Thai Fruit Co., Ltd., our commitment is to develop modern production process and technology. Since product “QUALITY” is our first priority, we focus on progressive development of production and processing standards. Our products conform to international quality standards and are safe for consumers as certified by several organizations. Our first priority to ensure is ensure the safety and hygiene certified by FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and also guaranteed by recognised organisations such as Food and Drug Administration (Ministry of Public Health), GAP (Good Agriculture Practices ) , GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) , HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) , Ethical audit for Coles Supermarkets , CSR-DIW (Corporate Social Responsibility, Department of Industrial Works) etc.

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We are proud of the awards we won. They stimulate our team to work harder and aim higher.

SME Provincial Champions by The Office of SMEs Promotion (Sep 29, 2016).

Create value added to processed food of the Industrial Promotion Center Region 8.

CSR-DIW Award 2014 by Standard of Corporate Social Responsibility, Department of Industrial Works (Oct 21, 2014).

CSR-DIW for Beginner Award 2013 by Standard of Corporate Social Responsibility, Department of Industrial Works (Sep 11, 2013).

Best Practice on Green Productivity and Continuous Improvement by National Food Institute (Sep 15, 2012).

1st National Prize Promoting-Books Reading Excellent Award by Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education (March 4, 2012).

Promoting-Books Reading Excellent Award by Office of Non Formal and Informal Education (April 2, 2011).